Quick Guide to Wholesale Evil Eye Beads

Wholesale evil eye beads have in recent years become the most fashion conscious sector in the broad jewelry industry. When new trends hit town, the wholesalers of evil eye beads will peak it up in no time. As such, as the year gains momentum, the grace, prominence and diversity being exhibited by fashion jewelry is phenomenal. Jewelry remains the most treasured adornment among fashionable cliques of the society, with beads taking the lead in the jewelry market.

And when it comes to beads, 2010 is increasingly showing signs of turning to evil eye beads resolutely. Wholesale evil eye beads are gaining a great demand in Eastern, Asian and the western markets alike. The surprise here is in seeing the wholesale evil eye beads becoming a preferential adornment in England and the US, after years of being regarded as products of Asian and Eastern superstition.

Wholesale Evil Eye Beads

There are several reasons why wholesale evil eye beads are gaining such a positive and vibrant market acceptance. One of these reasons is the fact that jewelry always depicts a dynamic ability to change and diversify than any item of clothing. In 2010, the market seems to be going for delicately designed beads as their fashion statement. Of all the beads received from Chinese fair trade projects at the close of 2009 and first weeks of January 2010, a whooping 63% of them were in beads, out of which 41% were in handcrafted wholesale evil eye beads.

Consequently, the most impressive sales have also been noted in handcrafted beads, especially the evil eye type. That is why wholesale operators are ordering more and more of these beads than any other type. Evil eye beads carry with them a rare uniqueness, an exotic beauty, a lustrous appeal and a practical functionality in wading off evil influences.

Why Buy Wholesale Evil Eye Beads?

With such usability, grace and elegance being attached to evil eye beads, it becomes economical to buy the beads in wholesale retail centers. This is because the wholesale evil eye beads are in a wide variety, priced relatively cheaper and peddled by large, reliable and experienced sellers. It is easier to trust a large wholesale outlet than a small business being run by a one-man human resource. To sum up the reasons why you are better advised to buy your 2010 jewelry at wholesale evil eye beads stores, here is a list of benefits:

  • There are cheaper since a wholesale store buys in bulk and can allow for a greater profit margin without overpricing the beads
  • Wholesale stores are usually large business fronts with functional customer relations management and a repute to protect
  • Wholesalers of evil eye beads usually stock a huge variety of the beads in assorted colors, sizes, designs and materials. This means that you can always get one that concurs with your preferences and taste

2010 Wholesale Evil Eye Beads Fashion Trends

Besides being handcrafted, some particular characteristics define what is currently being regarded as trendy in wholesale evil eye beads. Such characterizes include:

  • Environmentally friendly materials
  • Bold colors
  • Small sized beads attached close to each other
  • Evil eye beads made of glass
  • Evil eye beads fashioned into necklaces and bracelets (not as anklets)