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Greek Evil Eye Beads

November 25th, 2009 No Comments »

Greek evil eye beads such as the ones in the necklace shown below are very popular in Greece and elsewhere.


Evil eye beads from Greece are also worn in the form of silver and gold pendants, bracelets, earrings, rings, traditional charms, and amulets.

The main reason for this is that evil eye beads, according to the Greek tradition, are believed to protect people from such things as bad luck and envy of others. People wear them when they have just had a new baby, when they have bought a new car, when they are building a house, or when they are staring a new job.

The fact that these evil eye beads are accepted by the Greek Orthodox Christian Church, which is the main religious denomination in Greece, makes the beads very popular.

Greek women love accessorizing their outfits and this has led to the popularity of the evil eye beads. This started a long time ago and although the style of dressing has changed, the love for accessorizing has not changed.

Outside the country, Greece holds a very sacred place in the heart of many people due to its contribution to the human history and women buy these beads to feel closer to the Greeks. Other people buy these eye beads, especially the old beads, for commercial purposes – like all antiques, evil eye antique beads from Greece appreciate in value with the passage of time.

Evil eye beads from Greece come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and even the material making them is different – it all depends on the manufacturer, the time they were made, and the part of Greece where they are/were manufactured.